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Concrete Mike, LLC., is a state-certified General Contractor who specializes in Polished Concrete,  Decorative Concrete, and Synthetic Stucco Finishes. With our highly skilled craftsmen, we will make your old concrete look like a new piece of artwork, for your concrete is our canvas to another masterpiece. We do both commercial and residential services and when we are done, we will not only beautify your surroundings with eye-catching curb appeal but will also increase the value of your property. With decorative concrete technology coming so far over the past decade with its durability, high strength overlays with polymer additives, and chemical resistance, it is virtually indestructible. Call us today for a free estimate and literature on how we can make your old piece of concrete become the talk of your neighborhood.

With over 37 years of experience, we`ve earned an excellent reputation for honesty, integrity, and customer service that we are very proud of. Our commitment to you, our customer is to do the very best job possible with only skilled professional craftsmen every time. We Guarantee it.

We are fully licensed and insured. We carry 1 Million in workers’ compensation coverage and 2 Million in General Liability coverage for every job. We give free estimates and would love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. Thank you for considering us for your next construction project and we will do our very best to make you the customer 100% satisfied and will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Why Epoxy Is The Right Choice

There are many options to restore damaged parts of a home, such as floors and walls. Epoxy floor paint highlights other benefits such as ease of use and strength. It’s not just outside material; epoxy paint can also be used indoors for exceptional results. We explain some of the details so that you may find them useful when deciding the preferred method.

Epoxy-based floor coatings are multi-functional with various advantages.

Strong and Resistant

Epoxy coatings can easily handle heavy traffic. It is resistant to water and chemical solutions – Epoxy floor coatings are not affected by humidity and chemical liquids. The flooring does not collapse even after prolonged contact with acids and alkalis. Floor epoxy paint is an extremely resistant material, not only for circulation and erosion but also for moisture. It should also be noted that temperature changes do not change this type of paint, but they also insulate when we are in a hot or cold area.

Easy-Care and Convenient

chips and cracks that can form during use can be easily repaired with a mixture of the same composition. Even a non-professional can perform such repairs. Another feature needs to be noted; maintenance of this painting is straightforward. Water and soap are more than sufficient both on the floors and on the walls and tiles. Self-leveling concrete floors are easy to clean from contamination: wet cleaning is enough to treat the surface with a polyurethane sealant, and the floor coating will be like new.

Customizable and Beautiful

Most of the colors you can see in conventional paint can easily be reproduced in epoxy paint. In addition to a resistant material, we have the opportunity for the space to be fully customized. Gloss and matte are the most striking finishes. Epoxy-painted surfaces with a glossy finish give the floor a glamorous touch. These are easy to maintain shimmering floors. If you prefer matte colored softness and delicacy, you can use satin epoxy paint instead. The composition of epoxy mixtures sometimes contains pigments that give different shades to the self-leveling floor. It can also be decorated with quartz sand or flakes.


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Residential Epoxy

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Garage Epoxy Floors

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Commercial Epoxy

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Epoxy Protective Coatings

Protecting coatings are essential for the floors of virtually any commercial or industrial environment. In fact, a lot of health and safety regulations in your location might require you to have a specific type of protective coating on your flooring. This is commonly seen in many industries, such as the hotel industry, the veterinary industry, the healthcare industry, and so on.

Concrete Mike Epoxy Flooring has the most qualified epoxy flooring experts in the Central Florida area. Whether you need epoxy or urethane protective coating for your facility, we can have it installed quickly and professionally. We have provided epoxy flooring to companies of several different industries over the years, such as retail, office buildings, manufacturing, aerospace, vitamin supplement, food & beverage, automotive and many more.

In any commercial or industrial environment which has people regularly walking and working on flooring, you’re going to want to keep that flooring protected with an epoxy coating. The great thing about epoxy is that it is durable, attractive, vibrant, and does not require a lot of maintenance work. This will give your custodians some relief each day on the job.

The size and scope of your business do not matter either. Concrete Mike Epoxy Flooring can apply an epoxy coating to floors of any size. You could have a small 500 square-foot shop or a 100,000 square-foot warehouse, and we’d still be able to protect your flooring in either scenario. That is why a lot of new small business owners love to come to us because we don’t discriminate against any business or industry.

Concrete Mike Epoxy Flooring is looking forward to hearing from you soon. Address your questions or comments to our customer support team by calling  (321) 610-1006.

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