Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Coatings Florida

Anywhere a floor coating needs durability with high style, you need to use the versatility of epoxy. This decorative epoxy coating blends up to eight background colors for a wide variety of styles.

Metallic epoxy also creates movement and depth in the floor, thus replicating molten metal. If you have been considering metallic epoxy flooring for your surfaces

Epoxy is a unique chemical combination of epoxy and amines that results in a superior system of coatings that exceed anything else on the market. It gives a great balance of decorative esthetics in a functional, seamless, poured-in-place chemical resistant floor coating.

Durability is one of the most important considerations when choosing a flooring material. Looks can be deceiving, but these beautiful metallic flooring solutions, are a high-performance coating,
with the ability to last many years.

An epoxy primer should be installed when applying the first coat. The actual metallic epoxy coating is applied during the second coating. This is then followed by a third clear coat on the surface.
Some contractors install the 4th coat if the topcoat is polyurethane. The result is a very thick coating, because of the number of coats involved.

These metallic coatings are equally resistant to salts, oils, acids, chemicals, water, and wear, just like other high-performance epoxy flooring materials.

Their ability to reflect light is outstanding because of their glossy surface. This results in considerable cost savings in energy bills. Furthermore, metallic flooring is easy to maintain.

Similar to other epoxy coatings, these can also be slippery when wet, especially if you fail to apply anti-slip additive on the final topcoat.